September Student of the Month


Congratulations, April!

Congratulations to April, September Student of the Month. April has been a super piano student and during September she did something amazing–in one lesson she received a 5 practice beads for a fabulous job + 1 bead for really hitting it out of the park, and +3 for memorization! Thats a grand total of 5+4 all in one lesson– WOW! Bonus beads seem to be a regular addition to April’s lessons and because of her dedication to piano and hard work, she has been picked as Student of the Month!

April is in 3rd grade this year and is working on her 2nd year in piano lessons. When April isn’t playing piano, she likes to dance and express herself through art.

April will have her photo on the wall of fame for the rest of the year and she will also receive a $10 Music & Arts gift card to spend on fun music or anything else she wants.

Great Job, April! You’ve worked hard and deserve this honor!


Want to be student of the Month? Here is what you have to do:

Have a lesson rating of 5 for each week of the month.
Have perfect attendance for the month.
Have an encouraging spirit toward other students.
Have a positive attitude in lessons.

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