Adult Rep Class

In October my adult students and I got together for an evening of music, food, and fun! We began the evening with refreshments and then everyone played a spooky Halloween song. We played some games and then had a duet-a-thon! What a fun time! I can’t wait to get together again!!

Halloween Party Fun, fun, FUN!!

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October Student of the Month


Congratulations Juliette!

Congratulations to Juliette- October Student of the Month!

Juliette has been hard at work this month. She not only earned a perfect rating of 5 beads every week, but she also earned more bonus beads than any other student this month!

Juliette is a 2nd grader and working on her 2nd year of piano. When she isn’t practicing for bonus beads she is busy on the Navy Swim Team and she also likes drawing.

Juliette will have her picture on the Studio Wall of Fame and receive a $10 Music & Arts gift card to buy some fun music to play at home or anything else she wants.

Want to be student of the Month? Here is what you have to do:

Have a lesson rating of 5 for each week of the month.
Have perfect attendance for the month.
Have an encouraging spirit toward other students.
Have a positive attitude in lessons and look ahead in your piano materials.

Severna Park Chorus Concert

I am so proud of my students who are accompanying for school choruses! Annabelle (7th grader at SPMS), Colleen (Senior at SPHS), and Delaney (8th grader at Chesapeake Bay Middle) are old pros now. Between them they’ve more than a dozen concerts! Last week Annabelle and Colleen played for a HUGE concert at Severna Park High School where both the high school chorus and the Middle School Elite Chorus had a performance of several opera arias and other operatic selections.

It was a great “night at the opera” and the girls played beautifully!


Annabelle accompanied for the Severna Park Middle School Elite Chorus


IMG_8679 (1)

Colleen accompanied for the Severna Park High School Chorus



Colleen plays for the HS chorus



Annabelle plays for the MS chorus



Great job, AB!!

Halloween Games


Anju plays the Candy Corn Game


Aaron plays the Pumpkin Patch Game


Annaliese plays Skull Master




Happy Birthday Project


Aaron completed his own harmonization!


Sarah sight reads Happy Birthday- nicely done!