Colleen’s Senior Recital June 4th, 2016


Student of the Month

My students are ALL awesome!! But once a month I choose a student who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them in piano lessons. I am EXTRA proud of these students because they are demonstrating a fantastic work ethic, a commitment to their piano study, and they are an inspiration to other students.

Want to be student of the Month? Here is what you have to do:

Have a lesson rating of 5 for each week of the month.
Have perfect attendance for the month.
Have an encouraging spirit toward other students.
Have a positive attitude in lessons and look ahead in your piano materials.

Each selected student has their photo posted on my “Wall-of-Fame” in the studio and receives a $10 Music & Arts gift card to spend on anything they like!

Please say Congratulations! to these exceptional students:


Emily- Sept 2015


Juliette- Oct 2015


Abby- Nov 2015


Josie- Dec 2015


Annaliese- Jan 2016


Annabelle- Feb 2016


April- Mar 2016


Molly- Apr 2016


Delaney- May 2016

Topsy-Turvy Week!

Topsy Turvy week is a fun annual event at my studio. This is the week where everything gets turned around– the student becomes the teacher and the parent becomes the student!

What a great way for the student to gain a solid understanding of concepts in theory and performance and for the parent to gain an appreciation of just how hard this stuff really is!

Students gather and prepare materials and “teacher” notes in a folder and decide on 2-3 concepts to teach their “student”. The weeks prior to the day, they practice teaching during their own lessons and then practice teaching me the week before the BIG day.

Finally, the day comes when they can sit in my “teacher chair”, use any materials I have in the studio, and become the piano teacher for the day. My job is to sit back, takes pictures, and be their teaching assistant, (should they need me to find a game or other materials).. ..but other that that, they are in charge!

Here are some of the highlights!!


Brooklyn checks her notes before teaching her dad.


Brooklyn teaches the music alphabet on the piano keys.


Brooklyn teaches her dad to play a song!


Tommy teaches his mom the “right way” to sit at the piano.


Tommy teaches his mom how to draw a treble clef.


Tommy teaches his mom to play a song!


Aaron plays finger Twister with his mom after teaching her the finger numbers.


Aaron teaches his mom to play a song!



April and her mom play a duet!


April and her mom play a game on the piano keys.


Juliette and her mom play Finger Twister.


Juliette quizzes her mom on the music alphabet!


Juliette has her mom play the Ice Cream game.


Juliette gives her mom 5 beads at the end of the lesson!


Isabelle teaches her dad the finger numbers


Isabelle teaches her dad the 5-finger scale pattern.


Isabelle teaches her dad to play a song!


Josie teaches her little brother the music alphabet.


Josie and Samuel play the Fly Swatter Game!


Josie teaches her brother the groups of 2 and 3 black keys.


Josie teaches her brother a song!


5 beads for being such a great student!!

Baroque Teahouse

Everyone had a wonderful time at our 4th annual Baroque Teahouse. This event was larger than ever! Students played Baroque pieces on the studio harpsichord while the rest of us enjoyed a wonderful afternoon high tea! My students played beautifully and I would like to give a very special thanks to our guest performer and composer Ellen Winner.

Adult Rep Class

In October my adult students and I got together for an evening of music, food, and fun! We began the evening with refreshments and then everyone played a spooky Halloween song. We played some games and then had a duet-a-thon! What a fun time! I can’t wait to get together again!!


Halloween Party Fun, fun, FUN!!

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