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One Minute Club

2012 One Minute Club Members

2012 One Minute Club Members

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the 2013 One Minute Club! Several of my students are already practicing their flashcards and becoming faster and faster at them in order to pass all 6 levels. Each level must be played on the piano in under 1 minute to move forward to the next level. But it’s not just one level at a time….no way! That would be too easy…

Level 1- C’s

Level 2- C’s and F’s

Level 3- C’s, F’s, D’s

Level 4- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s

Level 5- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s

Level 6- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s, E’s, A’s

To become a member of the One Minute Club, each student has to play Level 6 on the piano 3 times in succession in under 60 seconds. Once they do, they receive the following:

  • One Minute Club Membership Card
  • $3.00 Gift Card to Menchies
  • A special treat at the Double Scoop Recital
  • A special treat at the Award’s Recital

Our reigning champion is Vangi with 42 seconds …….will someone beat the record this year?


Teacher links:

Membership Card 

One Minute Club Practice

One Minute initiations 

OneMinuteClub Members

Don’t forget….


Annabelle waits for her turn to perform at the Maryland State Competition-2012

Students face so many split-second decisions when practicing their music. Should I play loud or soft? Staccato or legato? Heavy or delicately? Do I lift here or swing to end the phrase? Here is a two-note slur….oops, I forgot to count there!

Even more so for those preparing for adjudicated performance or competition. They have other things to worry about such as stage presence, overall rise and fall of the melodic line, hand positioning, overall musicality…….gosh, the list just goes on.

To help my students who are preparing for these types of events, we use cards in Rep Class for guidance. This reminds them of the many things they need to keep in mind when performing for a judge or for an audience.

Here are some tools we use in the studio to prepare for performance and competition.

Performance Practice

Practice cards

FlashCard Frenzy


FlashCard Frenzy will be our newest game this month!

Get ready everyone- The One Minute Club is BACK!

Flash Card Frenzy Cards

Lesson Observation

Observing lessons can really be a great way of spending a bit of time with your child. Nothing deflates a child faster than an uninterested home audience. Children want and need their parents support and approval. Practicing for piano lessons everyday is a lot of hard work. Coming with them to their lesson and sitting in can show them that you are interested and proud of all the practicing they do. It also gives them a moment to shine and show you what they do in lessons. Just think back to when you were a child and how excited you were for your parents to come to open house night at school. You wanted them to see your classroom, meet the teacher and see all the things you had been working on that were hanging on the walls.

Sitting in a classroom while school is in session can be another thing entirely. You are the child’s authority at home, but in the classroom they are expected to respect and follow teacher’s instructions instead. Of course, it would never work if parents all converged on the classroom at once, reminding their children to sit up straight, stop fidgeting, etc., while the teacher is trying to instruct.

This is why piano teachers are always thrilled to have interested parents sit in lessons, but not so thrilled when they either aren’t paying attention at all (reading a book, or texting), or the opposite, paying too much attention! “…..shhhhh, that part says piano….louder! that says forte! sit up straight, listen to the teacher, wasn’t she supposed to be playing staccato there?”

Although the remarks are all observant, valid, and important, piano teachers would prefer to save them for a conference afterwards. Perhaps during the staccato section, the teacher was watching for correct fingering. And during the piano section, they were listening for rhythm issues which is why they were not corrected on the spot for those items. As a piano teacher, I have to pick my battles (so to speak), because there is so much involved in every piece they play.

So, by all means PLEASE observe lessons, but if everyone follows the ground rules first, we’ll have a great and productive session!

Ground Rules pdf   —–>Observation groundrules

Scale Shaker Game

Rep Class is this Wednesday and we have lots to do! Including a new game! Better brush up your scales…..


Click on this link for the pdf file of this game——> Scale Shaker Game