September Student of the Month

IMG_9461Congratulations to Annabelle- September Student of the Month! She is a devoted pianist and always comes to lessons prepared! She will be performing some great piano works this year including pieces by Bach, Mozart, Grieg, and Tcherepin. In September she memorized the first of the Tcherepin Bagatelles Op. 5 and she is currently working on an advanced jazz arrangement of ‘Silent Night’ for our studio Christmas Recital.

Annabelle is a 10th grader and now on her 9th year of piano!  When she isn’t practicing she is busy in her school athletics program and serving in the community.

Annabelle will have her picture on the Studio Wall of Fame and receive a $5 FiveBelow gift card to buy something fun!

Want to be Student of the Month?

  • Have perfect attendance for the month
  • Memorize at least one song on the piano.
  • Work on more than just your assignment.
  • Have a positive attitude in your lesson.
  • Be an encourager to other students. 



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