Ready for the School Year!


New Practice Chains


Welcome Back!


Updated Assignment Sheets


New notebook covers


“Key” Chains


…And some new projects!

6 thoughts on “Ready for the School Year!

  1. Patti

    Can you help me with the “key” chains that you make? What do you put the circle of 5ths in? I can’t tell from the picture. Do you have any helps for the rest of the items on the keychain? I know where to find the staff cards, but am wondering about the rest. Thanks in advance!!

  2. hiltonmusicstudio Post author

    Hi Patti,
    I bought key chain plastic circular holders (they are just like the plastic pins you can make only with a key chain holder on the end) at the craft store for the circle of 5ths. They don’t hold up all that well and I found in the end that laminating the circle was easier. Here is a link to the key chains from my old blog-

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