Piano Lessons: 3 Phases & Why You Should Stick Them Out

This is a must-read. From a first-hand perspective, it really sums up WHY sticking with piano is so important. Especially in the Middle School years!

Zac James

When I entered the 2nd grade, my parents started me in piano lessons.  My mom, being a vocal major graduate of Huntington University, had always wished that someone had pushed her harder in piano lessons.  She committed to getting my brother and I through piano lessons all the way through until college, by making it a part of school.  I didn’t realize it as a 2nd grader, but I would end up being extremely grateful she kept me in piano lessons all that time.  I’m now a Music major graduate of Cedarville University, and my major instrument?  You guessed it – Classical piano.

I’ve had so many conversations with people who quit after 3-5 years, and wished they had stuck with it.  Seriously, for every person I’ve met who says something like “Man, Zac, I’m glad for you, but I don’t miss piano lessons at all”, I’ve talked…

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