Why learn here?

My students–

  • Learn a valuable musical skill and work ethic that will stay with them for life.
  • Receive the benefit of a teacher with 30 years of teaching experience and training.
  • Learn technical and sight reading skills from the very beginning.
  • Learn music theory and understand everything they see on the music page.
  • Are held to a much higher standard than those who learn at a music store.
  • Remain in piano lessons much longer than students who learn at a music store.
  • Achieve a much higher level of musical skill than the average piano student.
  • Proudly place an average of  8-10 years of continuous of piano lessons on their college applications. Remember, colleges are looking for longevity in extra-curricular activity and students who can follow through with their goals.
Will we be a good fit?
  • My most successful students are long term, enjoy music, and have a genuine desire to learn piano while always improving their skill. They understand it’s a slow process that and that quitting won’t make that process any faster.
  • Students who just want some basics, a shortcut, or to participate in an activity will NOT find what they seek in my studio and will not study long with me.
  • I am a teacher of musical language who believes in learning the grammar to become fully conversational and not just “order from a menu”.
  • I am a ‘math’ instructor who teaches a student to fully understand the mathematical concepts in music — without using a calculator.
  • I am an educated and experienced music educator. My role is to teach music to my students, believe in them, reveal their talent, develop their musical abilities, and nurture their desire to make more music.
  • It is my hope that you will believe in your (or your child’s) abilities as much as I do.