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Game Week- Day 3


Caroline and I played a really fun MUSIC BINGO game, using 3 BINGO cards each. In this game, there are a large variety of signs and symbols used in piano that the players identify. The first person to get a regular BINGO on all 3 cards wins.


Annabelle and I re-created the entire Circle of Fifths (all majors, minor and key signatures) using my recycled water bottle caps. She did a great job doing the ENTIRE circle herself!


Here is what Annabelle’s circle looked like when she was finished!

Scarey Rhythms

This week students are matchiing scarey halloween lyrics to rhythmic patterns. This ear-training exercise accomplishes two musical skills; understanding quarter, dotted quarter, and eighth note patterns, and using the ear to match words and syllables to each rhythmic pattern. Let’s see how everyone does!

I don’t know who wrote the lyrics, but Jennifer Fink at Pianimation.com created the rhythm cards. Here is the link: