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Awards Recital Fun

More Upside Down Week Adventures


Caroline and I played a Mozart duet composed to be played rightside up and upside down!!



Tommy played his recital piece upside down


Emily did a great job identifying intervals and writing the size upside down!


Emily and I played the Mozart duet sitting on opposite sides of the table using the same copy and a two-sided keyboard on the iPad! She was upside down and I was rightside up!


Aaron did a great job with upside down intervals


Noah wrote his letters upside down and he’s not even in Kindergarten yet!!


Tommy read the upside down sign, upside down!! (oops! I forgot the word “down” ! haha!)

May Studio Happenings


This is how we sight read in my studio. (Hands together and NO peeking!) Great job, Sarah!! My students have to read between 150 and 200 lines of music to receive the studio Sight Reading Trophy.


Aaron did a great job transposing at his lesson. He picked all the best keys out of the key bag too: f# minor, a-flat minor, A major, C-flat Major, and B-flat Major. Show me a 3rd grader who can do that!! Way to go, Aaron!!


Quintin (shown on snare drum) not only finishes his 4th year of piano, but has also completed his career in the Belvedere Elementary School band on percussion. But thats not the end for him! He will be continuing piano and percussion into Middle School this fall! Way to go, Quintin!!!


Colleen has been accompanying at Belvedere Elementary for a few years now and the chorus director Mrs. Supko (far left) sure will miss her now that she’s graduated!


Oops, I forgot to change lenses on my camera, but Annabelle and Colleen are accompanying for the Severna Park Middle School chorus concert. Annabelle has been accompanying since 5th grade and she will continue as she enters high school in the fall.


Colleen is rehearsing for her Senior Recital scheduled for THIS Saturday June 4 at 1:00pm at St. Margaret’s Church Annapolis.

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy- How many flashcards challenges can you do?

Flashcard Frenzy is another fun way my students drill their flashcards as they practice for January’s One Minute Club Initiations. This is also really fun flashcard play for my 1st year students. Students choose 1 card each from 2 piles titled “At the Piano” and “Away from the piano”. Each card will direct the student to drill their flashcards ways that are fun and far more interesting than simply sitting down with a hand full of cards.

Here are a few examples:

At the Piano

-at the piano, set up 1 treble clef card and 1 bass clef card– then play both together at the same time!

-at the piano, play all the ABC flashcards, then all the DEF flashcards, and finally all the F and G flashcards.

Away from the Piano

-away from the piano, use a table top keyboard and take a stone away from each key for each flashcard you pick from the pile.

-away from the piano, set the metronome to ___ and play “Flashcard Bowling”!

Free Printable Cards: Flash Card Frenzy Cards

……more on Flashcard Bowling next time…..

Thanksgiving Games


A “Major-ly” confused turkey helps my students review key signatures.


Lots more fun than flashcards!

Quintin reviews piano letters and accidentals with Thanksgiving Turkey cards.

Quintin reviews piano letters and accidentals with Thanksgiving Turkey cards.


You have to know your stuff in order to find B# on THIS piano!


Halloween Party/Recital

We had a great time!!!