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September Apple Picking


Emily and I had fun playing this game.


Emily picked an apple from the bag, then placed the apple on the corresponding letter on the keyboard. Then she chose an accidental card to move the apple to a sharp, flat, or leave it natural!

What’s in the containers??


My favorite summertime piano key toppers!


Some cool shades, a few tasty popsicles, and some totally awesome flip flops!


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t explain the enharmonics of B major and C-flat major?? I know! me, too!


A very yummy D major scale!…what’s that thing on E?


A bright and sunny G major scale!


A very happy E major five finger scale!

One Minute Club


Congratulations, Grace!

Grace is my very first member of the 2014 One Minute Club! She’s been working really hard at playing all 36 flashcards when given in random order in under 60 seconds three times consecutively– and she did it! Grace was admitted to the club with scores of 57, 54, and 53 seconds.

One Minute Club members will enter into their own contest to see who can get the lowest score- the winner will receive their very own Bonus Game Day and another very special prize.


Grace will receive her One Minute Club Membership Card (cards courtesy of Susan Paradis)


She will also receive a $3 Menchies gift card!


Game Week- Day 2


Claire and I played the Key Game. She chooses a key out of the bag (each key has a Major or Minor “key” written on it). Then she uses the eraser characters to spell the scale on the roll-up keyboard. Before she chooses a new key, she has to tell me the Tonic, Dominant and Leading Tone.


Olivia and I played Leaping Ladybugs. In this game, the players roll the die. The player who lands on a ladybug gets to pick a card. The card instructs the player to move the red stone on the piano keys up or down by half or whole steps. If the players identify the correct ending pitch, they earn a flower. The game ends when we run out of Ladybug Cards. The player with the most flowers wins. (Olivia had an entire garden, while I had only 3 flowers!)


Joseph played FlashCard Derby on the iPad today in his lesson. In this game, the player must identify the letter names of the notes as jockeys ride by on their race horses. Joseph earned a perfect score!


Colleen and I played my Scale Shaker Game. This game works like Yahtzee in that the players shake the music note dice to spell scales, triads and intervals. Each player begins by choosing 3 cards to determine their keys. The player who completes their Scale Chart first wins.

Candy Corn Game

Quintin was totally up for this yummy challenge yesterday.

Quintin was totally up for this yummy challenge yesterday.

In no time at all, he had mastered the Candy Corn Flashcard game! Great job, Quintin!

In no time at all, he had mastered the Candy Corn Flashcard game! Great job, Quintin!

They look ready for Halloween!

They look ready for Halloween!



Creepy Enharmonics

Some of my students have really been enjoying this creepy Halloween game of skeletons where I show them a music flashcard and they pick a skull from the tree to place it on the corresponding piano key. The flashcards use only sharps, flats, double sharps, and double flats. When all the skulls are on the piano keys, the student must finally name each key using ONLY enharmonic names for each in order to become the Skull Master!