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Piano Key Chains

IMG_6709_2This week my students all made a new “Piano Key” Chain. They keep their key chain in their new tote bags and use them in lessons. The key chain itself has the student’s name and another cool piano design on the back chosen by the student. I picked the Circle of Keys for my key chain. The punch cards are fun because they are the same size and shape as the grocery store membership cards on Mom’s key chain.

Also on the key chain are:

  • A memorization BONUS bead punch chard
  • Our Fall Book Bash Punch card
  • A full set of mini Travel Flashcards
  • 14 Practice Strategy “chips”

This week my students are beginning to learn important practice strategies one by one. These strategies not only help them practice a regular lesson book piece, but can get them through the tough technical passages in their music that could stump any pianist.

Two of my students will be traveling this Labor Day weekend and will already be using their travel flashcards in the car.  Two students will be taking on the challenge of memorizing a piece for next week for an extra 3 bonus beads on their practice chain. And one student has already completed a “Fall Book Bash” activity. Fall book bash activities take place when a student has completed a lesson book song and is ready to do something fun and crazy with that piece. They do this by randomly choosing a card from a a deck of cards each with a crazy musical instruction on how to play that song. What ever the card says the student has to do!

Fall Book Bash Punch Card

Fall Book Bash Punch Card

It’s been a great first week of lessons- everyone is hard at work and 3 students even received the highest lesson rating this week of 5+1 (thats 5 regular beads plus 1 bonus bead on their practice chains).  Boy, we are going to have really long practice chains this year!!

I have the best students ever and these key chains are really shaping up already to be a  wonderful learning aid for them all.