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Piano Highs and Lows


The road of progress has become a tree.

We all know by now that piano has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes piano is great fun; the music is easy, practice goes smoothly and quickly and progress is noticeable. Other times, it’s not so warm and fuzzy. On the uphill practice isn’t much fun anymore and it takes longer, the pieces are harder, and progress isn’t as easy to notice. These are the moments when pianists are on the uphill. And it doesn’t matter how good you are or how old you are. ALL pianists go through this. Even the professionals. We all feel discouraged sometimes. Its normal.

IMG_3326 IMG_3327

The road we had last year will become a tree this year with lots of branches and turns…but only one of those branches will lead to advanced skills in piano and its the one with all the highs and lows; the fun and the not-so-fun times.

The tree is my latest project in the studio this summer.  It’s not nearly done yet. There are many more branches to design and paint along with tons of leaves to add. I have lots of work and planning to do in order to finish it….kind of like my students when they learn a new song.

Motivation, focus, desire, practice, mistakes, fun, and sometimes hard work– that’s what it will take from me to get our new tree finished.