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Summer Lesson Fun

Summer Lessons are in full swing and my students are working on advancing their music theory knowledge, technical skills, and sight reading skills…not to mention few fun lesson additions like our SUMMER LESSON CHALLENGE.

Students can choose a challenge from any of the clothespins- but they MUST do the challenge if they pick it. Challenges can include naming and playing all 88 keys on the piano, playing scales prestissimo and staccato, or even sight reading Happy Birthday. Two of the clothespins have a prize of NO HOMEWORK for the week!

“Oh, but I LOVE homework in the summer!”, said no one ever.

It’s Upside Down Week!


Isabelle does some music theory upside down- first she turned the book upside down, then she had to write the letters upside down!!


Josie worked on a music quiz by reading AND writing the answers upside down!


Josie plays her lesson assignment upside down! Great job, Josie!!

May Studio Happenings


This is how we sight read in my studio. (Hands together and NO peeking!) Great job, Sarah!! My students have to read between 150 and 200 lines of music to receive the studio Sight Reading Trophy.


Aaron did a great job transposing at his lesson. He picked all the best keys out of the key bag too: f# minor, a-flat minor, A major, C-flat Major, and B-flat Major. Show me a 3rd grader who can do that!! Way to go, Aaron!!


Quintin (shown on snare drum) not only finishes his 4th year of piano, but has also completed his career in the Belvedere Elementary School band on percussion. But thats not the end for him! He will be continuing piano and percussion into Middle School this fall! Way to go, Quintin!!!


Colleen has been accompanying at Belvedere Elementary for a few years now and the chorus director Mrs. Supko (far left) sure will miss her now that she’s graduated!


Oops, I forgot to change lenses on my camera, but Annabelle and Colleen are accompanying for the Severna Park Middle School chorus concert. Annabelle has been accompanying since 5th grade and she will continue as she enters high school in the fall.


Colleen is rehearsing for her Senior Recital scheduled for THIS Saturday June 4 at 1:00pm at St. Margaret’s Church Annapolis.

Halloween Games


Anju plays the Candy Corn Game


Aaron plays the Pumpkin Patch Game


Annaliese plays Skull Master




Juliette’s September Lesson Fun


Juliette did a perfect job finding notes on the piano!


Juliette picked her Fall Book Bash Card after completing her lesson book song! When she has 5, she’ll receive 3 BONUS beads on her practice chain. Way to go, Juliette!

Summer Piano Fun

2015 HS Girls Cabin 13-X3

Colleen (back row center) begins the Interlochen Performing Arts Summer Program.


Cole works on his note reading skills.


Juliette confirms that she is the “Ice Cream Interval” Champion!


Aaron is the best Fly Swatter EVER!

UpSide Down Week

It’s UPSIDE DOWN WEEK and all of my students are having fun tackling their assignment completely upside down! 

When my students come in for their lesson the first thing notice is Pandora playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC….

Once they sit down, they write the following musical symbols upside down:

  • Repeat Sing
  • Flat Sign
  • Treble Clef
  • Quarter Rest (not so easy….)

Then they complete a note-reading worksheet where they not only write their name on it upside down, but they turn the whole page upside down, turn the bass clef into the treble clef and the other way around. Then they write the correct letter…upside down, of course.

Flashcards come next- they are presented upside down but the student plays the actual note on the piano.

Lesson assignment pieces are played upside down for an upside down sticker.

Our theme song this week is the “Upside Down” Song.


If buttercups buzz’d after the bee,

If boats were on land, churches on sea,

If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows,

and cats should be chased into holes by the mouse;

If the mammas sold their babies to others for half a crown,

If summer were spring and the other way around, 

Then all the world would be upside down.



Olivia decided the best way to read the sign was upside down!


Cole is doing his flashcards upside down.


April plays her lesson book assignment upside down!


Lesson book cost $8.95. Look on Zoey’s face when I let her know she’s playing this song upside down…..priceless.


Josie breezed through her upside down flashcards–Great Job!!


Quintin sight-read the “upside Down Song”.

Game Week! Last Day


Leave your books at home…It’s GAME WEEK!


Cole and I played the Pumpkin Patch Game.


Abby was very glad to be winning the Cat & Mouse Game


Emily and I played the Fly Swatter game.


Annaliese and I played Crazy Keys- she won!


Juliette and I played the Ice Cream Cone Game.


Game Week! Day Four


Leave your books at home…It’s GAME WEEK!



Claire and I played “Something’s Missing”


Molly and I played “Paddle Scales” – she won!


Aaron and I played “Piano Steps & Skips”. He beat me TWICE!!


Game Week! Day Three


Leave your books at home….it’s GAME WEEK!


April and I played Leaping Ladybugs. She beat me by a longshot!


Olivia and I played Whole Step/Half Step Sprint.


Delaney and I played the Scale Shaker Game. (Juggling 3 scales at once isn’t so easy!)


Unbelievable…..Joseph and I played Crazy Keys and we TIED!! That NEVER happens!!

Game Week! Day Two


Leave your books at home….it’s GAME WEEK!



Sarah and I played a Key Signature and Scale Degree game.


Caroline and I played Rhythm Pizza


Annabelle and I played the Scale Shaker Game. (She beat me!)


Game Week! Day One


Leave your books at home….it GAME WEEK 2015!



Isabelle and I played a game with skipping and stepping snowmen!


Quintin and I played an ear training game to see if he can distinguish major from minor using just his ears. He did a great job!


Josie and I played some fun games on the iPad.


Addison and I played a game to see who could complete the Circle of Fifths first. I won by one key!


Addison and I also played everyone’s FAVORITE game, the Cat and Mouse game. But we played using snowmen and candy canes….I think Jasmine wanted us to use the cat and mouse instead!! Addison beat me by a LONG SHOT!!


January Happenings!


Practice chains are looking good!


5 BONUS beads are waiting for my students who complete the “Key Club Challenge”


Are you ready for this challenge?


Members of the Key Club will proudly display a key on their practice chain! (along with 5 bonus beads)



Don’t forget about the One Minute Club! Who will win the grand prize of a $10 gift card to Five Below this year??


Flashcard Frenzy is for my 1st year students who will be ready for the One Minute Club next year.

One Minute Club Instructions

Flashcard Frenzy Instructions

Creepy Halloween Games


Sarah was this year’s first ” 2014 Skull Master” First she places the skulls on the correct piano key, then has to put them back on the tree–only naming them as enharmonics!


Delaney had to pick a key, based only on the number of sharps and flats. Then she made the key signature in both clefs with some creepy halloween characters. Finally, she had to pick a card with a scale degree, and name that scale degree of the key she was in.


The Halloween Key Signature and Scale Degree Game.


Grace completes her game and becomes a “2014 Skull Master”!


The October Pumpkin Patch Game.


Claire had to first pick a creepy card and place a pumpkin on the correct piano key. When she was done with the first half of the game, I called out the names of each note. She transferred that note from the pumpkin patch on the keyboard to its correct place on the music staff.


Part one of the “Skull Master” game!


Molly is a “2014 Skull Master” !


Grace is a “2014 Skull Master” !


We’re not done yet…there are more creepy halloween games to go!


Scary sharps, flats, and naturals.


The “Tree of Skulls”.


Creepy Rhythms!


Yummy Candy Corn Game!


Spooky Intervals


The musical pumpkin patch.

September Apple Picking


Emily and I had fun playing this game.


Emily picked an apple from the bag, then placed the apple on the corresponding letter on the keyboard. Then she chose an accidental card to move the apple to a sharp, flat, or leave it natural!

Circle of 5ths Game

In my Circle of 5ths game, the players roll the die to see what key they get to place on the circle. Play begins by rolling the die to determine the interval above C for the first key. Subsequent rolls determine the key based on the interval from the previous key. For example: if the player’s last key was E, and they roll a 3, their next key is a G; a third up from G. The player can choose if the letter has more than one key (G or G-flat) But once the player has all the keys of that letter, they forfeit their turn if they roll into that letter again. The first player to complete the Circle of 5ths wins!


Grace won by a landslide! I still needed the keys of A-flat, C-flat, A, and C#


What do you think? Pepperoni pizza or chocolate chip cookie?

Finger Twister


Josie and I played Finger Twister today!


We had a great time getting all twisted up.


Great Job, Josie!!

You can download this game from Joy at Color in My Piano Blog:

Just Added: Piano Finger Twister game

Let’s Make A Deal, Joseph!


Ha! Guess what Joseph’s challenge was? ….needless to say, he rocked it!


Who said summer lessons weren’t fun??