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Awards Recital Fun

One Minute Club 2015

This year’s One Minute Club is shaping up like no other. Never before have my students run through all the flashcards so quickly!! Here are the Members of the 2015 One Minute Club and their unbelievable scores:

Claire 27

Delaney 29

Caroline 39

Molly 39

Addison 42

Quintin 47

Sarah 50

Grace 60

And yes, those scores are in SECONDS!

Members of the One Minute Club receive a special treat (for members only) at the June recital. When they complete their third consecutive time at the flashcards in under 60 seconds, they receive the special package shown below.


2015 One Minute Club Treats

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Membership Cards:

One Minute Club Cards courtesy of Susan Paradis

One Minute Club


Congratulations, Grace!

Grace is my very first member of the 2014 One Minute Club! She’s been working really hard at playing all 36 flashcards when given in random order in under 60 seconds three times consecutively– and she did it! Grace was admitted to the club with scores of 57, 54, and 53 seconds.

One Minute Club members will enter into their own contest to see who can get the lowest score- the winner will receive their very own Bonus Game Day and another very special prize.


Grace will receive her One Minute Club Membership Card (cards courtesy of Susan Paradis)


She will also receive a $3 Menchies gift card!


Game Week- Day 1


Quintin and I played lots of games at his lesson. Here we are playing Funny Farm. In this game each player picks a farm animal and has to correctly answer music review questions about notation, symbols, interval, etc. correctly in order to advance to the finish.


Addison and I had fun paling a variety of games at his lesson. Here we are playing Crazy Enharmonic Bingo.


In Crazy Enharmonic Bingo, players complete a cover-all. Addison and I played 2 cards each. As the players take turns picking a note card from the pile, they cover that piano key on their cards. Did I mention that ALL the letters on the cards are only shown in an enharmonic?? FUN!


Sarah is so much fun to play games with! Its always a challenge trying to beat her. In our game of Crazy Keys, each player begins on Middle C, then picks a card that directs them to move up or down the keyboard in intervals, on accidentals, or in whole/half steps. Some cards are wild, make a player loose a turn or my favorite…”switch places with another player”! Fortunately for me, at the very last second, I won this game.


After Gracie did her Level 6 One Minute Club cards in just 57 seconds, we played her all-time favorite; The Cat and Mouse game. In this game each player has to steal their opponents snacks by picking a card and seeing what snacks are on that piano key. (Cards include sharps, flats, double sharps, double flats and naturals). I got creamed in this game! I stole 4 of her pieces of cheese, but she got 7 of my fishes!


Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy- How many flashcards challenges can you do?

Flashcard Frenzy is another fun way my students drill their flashcards as they practice for January’s One Minute Club Initiations. This is also really fun flashcard play for my 1st year students. Students choose 1 card each from 2 piles titled “At the Piano” and “Away from the piano”. Each card will direct the student to drill their flashcards ways that are fun and far more interesting than simply sitting down with a hand full of cards.

Here are a few examples:

At the Piano

-at the piano, set up 1 treble clef card and 1 bass clef card– then play both together at the same time!

-at the piano, play all the ABC flashcards, then all the DEF flashcards, and finally all the F and G flashcards.

Away from the Piano

-away from the piano, use a table top keyboard and take a stone away from each key for each flashcard you pick from the pile.

-away from the piano, set the metronome to ___ and play “Flashcard Bowling”!

Free Printable Cards: Flash Card Frenzy Cards

……more on Flashcard Bowling next time…..

The 2014 “One Minute Club”

One Minute Club Treats

One Minute Club Treats

It’s January and that means its time for our 2014 Annual One Minute Club Initiations to begin!

Want to know how it works? Read on…..
The One Minute Club is not easy and should be reserved for 2nd year+ students. First year students will start strong, but quickly become frustrated when they cannot juggle all the notes in combination.
Thanks to Anne Crosby Gaudet for her flashcard photos- taken from her ipad goodies page
Thanks to Susan Paradis for her 2013  One Minute Club Membership Card
Level 1: (C’s) 
When the student practices, they should name and play each note on the piano.

Middle C
Low C
Face C
High C
When the student is timed the following week, they only play each letter without naming it. If the student can do this in under 60 seconds, they can progress to Level 2.

(Finger numbers shown on some cards are not used for the One Minute Club and should be ignored here)

Middle C

Level 2: (F’s) Follow instructions as above. When student is timed the following week- they must play BOTH level 1 and level 2 cards in order to to progress to Level 3. The cards are shuffled and presented at random.

Incidentally, I use the following sentences:
Treble Clef line notes: Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips
Treble Clef Space Notes: F A C E
Bass Clef Line Notes: Garfield Bit Dad’s Foot Again
Bass Clef Space Notes: All Cows Eat Grass

Face F
Low F

Level 3: (D’s) Follow instructions above, but when the student is timed, they must play Level 1, 2, and 3 cards combined and shuffled- in under 60 seconds in order to progress to Level 4.

Level 4: (G’s) Here is where it becomes difficult….so its a good thing to have easy G’s right about now! The student really must be reminded that they should be drilling these every day if they expect to get them in under 60 seconds! Remember, in practice they should be naming the notes while playing them.

Level 5: (B’s) The student plays all the C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, and B’s in under 60 seconds
to progress to Level 6. If they have difficulty and are unable to do this in under 60 seconds, praise the student for what they were able to do and encourage them to just keep drilling! This really does take daily drilling to master.

Level 6: (A’s and E’s) Here is the final push to complete all 7 letters of the music alphabet. All 6 levels are shuffled together and presented at random. Completing level 6 can take several weeks. Once the student can do Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 combined in 72 seconds, I move their name to the chart that tracks their time down to 60 seconds. But they must do 60 seconds three times in succession. (This can be over several weeks). More advanced students can enjoy getting the lowest time score possible. Last year, my student’s fastest score was 42 seconds!

Club Members receive:
  • a One Minute Club Membership Card
  • a $3.00 Menchie’s Gift Card.
  • a lei or Mardi Gras beads to wear at the Double Scoop Recital
  • a very special treat of their own at the Double Scoop Recital.

One Minute Club

2012 One Minute Club Members

2012 One Minute Club Members

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the 2013 One Minute Club! Several of my students are already practicing their flashcards and becoming faster and faster at them in order to pass all 6 levels. Each level must be played on the piano in under 1 minute to move forward to the next level. But it’s not just one level at a time….no way! That would be too easy…

Level 1- C’s

Level 2- C’s and F’s

Level 3- C’s, F’s, D’s

Level 4- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s

Level 5- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s

Level 6- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s, E’s, A’s

To become a member of the One Minute Club, each student has to play Level 6 on the piano 3 times in succession in under 60 seconds. Once they do, they receive the following:

  • One Minute Club Membership Card
  • $3.00 Gift Card to Menchies
  • A special treat at the Double Scoop Recital
  • A special treat at the Award’s Recital

Our reigning champion is Vangi with 42 seconds …….will someone beat the record this year?


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