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PracticzPal Metronome

IMG_6711Here is the latest gadget in our music world. It the PractizPal Metronome. I have been looking at this for a long time and finally decided to splurge and place an order along with several of my students. They arrived yesterday.

IMG_6714Although the graphics are old-school, this is a great device for my students. It not only acts as a metronome, but its a timer and record keeper. Students can use it to keep track of how many minutes they’ve been practicing each day and how many minutes are left in their session. Then it logs the time in a bar graph. You can toggle through the graphs to see a record of an entire year of practicing.

It’s easy to handle and was designed for kids to use. There is a coupon for a free “skin” on the package. The skins are like the ones you can put on your cell phones- they have zebra stripes, leopard print, piano keys, and other designs. You can buy a skin for $15.

Overall, I definitely like it and will recommend it to my new incoming students this fall. If the manufacturer updated the graphics and added a flashcard game, we’d be all set! I’d use this thing forever!

My Seiko metronome was around $35 and PractizPal is around $50. (I think you can get it for $45 on Amazon) You can’t beat the ability to time and countdown practice sessions and record a daily practice log- my Seiko certainly can’t do that.