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Who stole my cheese?


Cat and Mouse Game


Grace helped me play our new game.

Here is our new game for the piano step.

Game: “Who Stole my Cheese?”

Object:  Steal  your opponent’s snacks while saving your own from being stolen.

Number of players: 2

Game pieces: 1 cat, 1 mouse, 13 pieces of cheese, 13 fish, 2 chromatic octaves of note names.

All the cheese and the fish pieces are placed on any piano key at random by the players before the game begins. Cover as much of the entire keyboard as possible. (88 keys, 26 pieces)

Each player chooses a letter card (naturals, sharps, or flats, including enharmonics) and moves their character to the key shown on the card. It can be in ANY octave. If there is a piece of cheese or fish on the key, the player keeps it.

The player with the most stolen goods wins the game!