Halloween Party Fun

We all had a great time at the Halloween Party. Everyone played a creepy Halloween song and the we did a very scarey Halloween Word search and scavenger Hunt!



Time for Back-to-School and Halloween

Over the summer all of my students completed 5 one-hour lessons to keep up their technical skills, theory, and sight reading which get them ahead of the game for the new school year. They were all SO ready for September piano lessons and back-to-school! Right now they are busy with school activities and homework but they all make time to practice for their lessons. After all, music is an equal part of their educations- if Math isn’t optional, neither is music! Just look back to the ancient Greeks and their educational systems- we still base our education on these subjects today: grammar, rhetoric, and logic, geometry, arithmetic, MUSIC, and astronomy.

This year, our piano hands are becoming filled with stars (see photo)- each star represents one year in piano. My students are dedicated and have been studying with me for years! I couldn’t be more proud. This year we are working on memorization skills- our “practice” beads have been traded in for “memorization” beads. Every time my one of my students memorizes a page of music, they receive a bead for their chain…and the chains are growing already- WOW

October is time for Halloween party music, so each year we take a lesson to go “shopping” for a piece. This means that I play through a number of  Halloween songs and the student gets to choose which piece they want to play at the party. I think its a tie between this and Game Week for my students all-time favorite lessons of the year!

I know it feels too early for Christmas, but not in the piano studio! Some of my more advanced students have already been preparing their Christmas pieces for a couple of months- it going to be a great concert this year; bell choir, percussion ensemble, Jazz Christmas songs, as well as our favorite traditional Christmas pieces. Stay Tuned!


October Creepy Piano Fun!

Tommy played the “Pumpkin Patch” game- he placed the pumpkins on the music staff (i.e. the pumpkin patch) by their name and then ‘picked’ them by placing them on the keyboard by flashcard.
Josie played the “Skull Master”Game by placing the skulls on the keyboard by name and then putting them back by by flashcard…..BUT, in order to be a “Skull Master” she had to name each note before putting it back — by its enharmonic name!
Noah played the “Candy Corn” game by matching the letter to its place on the staff and then to the piano key.
Great job Noah! You got them ALL right!
Andrew and I played a game of “Stepping Up and Down” on the piano.
Can you believe it? We tied!!
Emily played the “Circle of Spooks” game. I drew a letter and she had to remove the pumpkin or Owl from its location on her Creepy Circle of Fifths.
Aaron is a new “Skull Master”! He learned a lot about double sharps and flats!
Tommy and I played a “Musical Spelling Game” by spelling each word in ascending order on the staff using Halloween characters!
Josie picked all the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and correctly placed them on the piano keys! Nice job, Josie!
Noah composed his own song about Halloween. He even sang it for me! It was the BEST SONG EVER!

Halloween Party/Recital FUN!!

Everyone played beautifully at the recital on Saturday night.

Here is what we do at the party:

  • Everyone arrives in costume
  • Party-goers have fun talking to the “Talking Pumpkin”
  • My students perform a creepy piece.
  • Costume contest prizes are handed out. (2 first place prizes received a $5 Five-Below gift card!)
  • Students proceed DOWN DOWN DOWN to the “Haunted Hallway”
  • Surprise treats of glow in the dark sticks, tattoos, creepy teeth, and stickers are passed out throughout the party.
  • We all enjoyed pizza, chips and punch.
  • Lots of fun and friend-time!
  • Everyone fills their bags at the “Candy Buffet”
  • Happy Halloween!!

We all had such a great time.

I want to especially like to thank Heather, Denise, and Mia for their help. I can assure you I could NOT have done this without them! THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy the photos….I’ll let them speak for themselves!

Click on the link below for the music program.

Halloween Recital 2014

IMG_8040 IMG_8048 IMG_8054 IMG_8064 IMG_8065 IMG_8069 IMG_8070 IMG_8071 IMG_8077 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8084 IMG_8085 IMG_8088 IMG_8089 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8102 IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8106 IMG_8108 IMG_8110 IMG_8112 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8118 IMG_8120 IMG_8121 IMG_8122 IMG_8123 IMG_8125 IMG_8128 IMG_8129 IMG_8131 IMG_8132 IMG_8133 IMG_8134 IMG_8135 IMG_8139 IMG_8141 IMG_8143 IMG_8146 IMG_8147 IMG_8149 IMG_8150 IMG_8153 IMG_8154 IMG_8160 IMG_8161 IMG_8163 IMG_8169 IMG_8170 IMG_8175 IMG_8177 IMG_8178 IMG_8180 IMG_8181 IMG_8184 IMG_8187

12 Creepy Days of Halloween

Grace and Sarah did a great job singing the 12 Days of Halloween!

In this game, students match the words of the 12 Creepy Days of Halloween to a rhythmic pattern. Grace did a great job and matched them all up perfectly. Then she recruited Sarah to help her sing the words! Having piano friends is so much fun!

“MASTER” Skull Master Game

In this version of Skull Master, the student picks 2 cards; a key signature card and a scale degree name. The student must name the major key based on the key signature, then they name the correct pitch based on the scale degree card. A skull is placed on the correct pitch of the major key named.
To become a MASTER Skull Master, the student must place each skull back on the tree by naming the relative minor of the key each skull is sitting on!

Annabelle is our latest MASTER SKULL MASTER! Congratulations AB!