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Halloween Party Fun, fun, FUN!!

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Halloween Party/Recital FUN!!

Everyone played beautifully at the recital on Saturday night.

Here is what we do at the party:

  • Everyone arrives in costume
  • Party-goers have fun talking to the “Talking Pumpkin”
  • My students perform a creepy piece.
  • Costume contest prizes are handed out. (2 first place prizes received a $5 Five-Below gift card!)
  • Students proceed DOWN DOWN DOWN to the “Haunted Hallway”
  • Surprise treats of glow in the dark sticks, tattoos, creepy teeth, and stickers are passed out throughout the party.
  • We all enjoyed pizza, chips and punch.
  • Lots of fun and friend-time!
  • Everyone fills their bags at the “Candy Buffet”
  • Happy Halloween!!

We all had such a great time.

I want to especially like to thank Heather, Denise, and Mia for their help. I can assure you I could NOT have done this without them! THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy the photos….I’ll let them speak for themselves!

Click on the link below for the music program.

Halloween Recital 2014

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Halloween Party/Recital

We had a great time!!!

October Adult Rep Class

Every October and April I hold an Adult Rep Class for my adult students. This provides a “safe” venue for them to perform for each other, without being unnerved by a very large audience in a formal recital format. This week, we all had a great time at the October Rep Class hosted by Evelyn.

Everyone contributed to the table for a selection of great food!

Everyone contributed to the table for a selection of great food!

We began with cocktails and enjoyed some light conversation. Everyone contributed to the food table and we had a nice little spread to nibble on while we play.

I try to have a game or two in order to have some fun and educate at the same time. Last October we played name-that-creepy-classical-tune. Our October rep class is this week I had a fun game planned…

Name the CREEPY musical dynamic or instruction. 

We had a great time playing games and everyone took home a Halloween treat!

We had a great time playing games and everyone took home a Halloween treat!

In this game, I read a definition and the students guessed the correct matching musical term. The winner with the most correct matches received a small fun Halloween-themed prize. (Will and Megan tied for first place!)

We also played another “name that tune” but this time, I played a piece of creepy music and given a multiple choice format, the students circled the correct TV show or movie associated with the music from the choices on their game sheet.

After our games, each student performed for each other a very special Halloween-themed piece they have been working on in lessons. I also joined the fun in this class by performing a duet with Evelyn.

Overall, the Adult Rep Classes are a fun way to gather socially and share our love of music! (Music, Food, Friends….its the recipe for any successful party).

Cindy played "Spooks"
Cindy played “Spooks”
Megan played "The Bronze Bear"
Megan played “The Bronze Bear”
Will played "Masquerade"
Will played “Masquerade”
Evelyn and I played a Mozart Sonata for 1P4H

Evelyn and I played a Mozart Sonata for 1P4H

Halloween Party Fun

Welcome to the party!

We all had a great time at the Halloween party yesterday. Everyone played wonderfully- what a joy to have so many talented pianists in one room! I took tons of photos and you can see them all here: