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Juliette’s September Lesson Fun


Juliette did a perfect job finding notes on the piano!


Juliette picked her Fall Book Bash Card after completing her lesson book song! When she has 5, she’ll receive 3 BONUS beads on her practice chain. Way to go, Juliette!

January Happenings!


Practice chains are looking good!


5 BONUS beads are waiting for my students who complete the “Key Club Challenge”


Are you ready for this challenge?


Members of the Key Club will proudly display a key on their practice chain! (along with 5 bonus beads)



Don’t forget about the One Minute Club! Who will win the grand prize of a $10 gift card to Five Below this year??


Flashcard Frenzy is for my 1st year students who will be ready for the One Minute Club next year.

One Minute Club Instructions

Flashcard Frenzy Instructions

One Minute Club


Congratulations, Grace!

Grace is my very first member of the 2014 One Minute Club! She’s been working really hard at playing all 36 flashcards when given in random order in under 60 seconds three times consecutively– and she did it! Grace was admitted to the club with scores of 57, 54, and 53 seconds.

One Minute Club members will enter into their own contest to see who can get the lowest score- the winner will receive their very own Bonus Game Day and another very special prize.


Grace will receive her One Minute Club Membership Card (cards courtesy of Susan Paradis)


She will also receive a $3 Menchies gift card!


Game Week- Last Day


On Friday April and I played some fun games- including the Spelling Bee. I spelled a word using letters and April spelled it with notes!


The Fly Swatter game is a blast- April’s job was to kill all those pesky music note flies in the studio as I called out a letter name. She did a great job!

Flashcard Bowling

IMG_4898Here’s how you play:

—Deal 10 cards off of a flashcard deck.

—Place them in the shape of bowling pins.

—Set the metronome to 40, 50, or 60 (or higher!). As the metronome clicks, touch or point to each card and have the student name one card per beat.

—If they get them all without missing a beat, its a STRIKE!

—If they miss some, leave them on the table (but clear away the others) so the student can try again for a SPARE.
—Then clear away all the cards and set up for the next “frame”.

—Repeat this for 10 frames.



Grace, who always has great ideas, helped me with Flashcard Bowling!

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy- How many flashcards challenges can you do?

Flashcard Frenzy is another fun way my students drill their flashcards as they practice for January’s One Minute Club Initiations. This is also really fun flashcard play for my 1st year students. Students choose 1 card each from 2 piles titled “At the Piano” and “Away from the piano”. Each card will direct the student to drill their flashcards ways that are fun and far more interesting than simply sitting down with a hand full of cards.

Here are a few examples:

At the Piano

-at the piano, set up 1 treble clef card and 1 bass clef card– then play both together at the same time!

-at the piano, play all the ABC flashcards, then all the DEF flashcards, and finally all the F and G flashcards.

Away from the Piano

-away from the piano, use a table top keyboard and take a stone away from each key for each flashcard you pick from the pile.

-away from the piano, set the metronome to ___ and play “Flashcard Bowling”!

Free Printable Cards: Flash Card Frenzy Cards

……more on Flashcard Bowling next time…..

Candy Corn Game

Quintin was totally up for this yummy challenge yesterday.

Quintin was totally up for this yummy challenge yesterday.

In no time at all, he had mastered the Candy Corn Flashcard game! Great job, Quintin!

In no time at all, he had mastered the Candy Corn Flashcard game! Great job, Quintin!

They look ready for Halloween!

They look ready for Halloween!



Piano Key Chains

IMG_6709_2This week my students all made a new “Piano Key” Chain. They keep their key chain in their new tote bags and use them in lessons. The key chain itself has the student’s name and another cool piano design on the back chosen by the student. I picked the Circle of Keys for my key chain. The punch cards are fun because they are the same size and shape as the grocery store membership cards on Mom’s key chain.

Also on the key chain are:

  • A memorization BONUS bead punch chard
  • Our Fall Book Bash Punch card
  • A full set of mini Travel Flashcards
  • 14 Practice Strategy “chips”

This week my students are beginning to learn important practice strategies one by one. These strategies not only help them practice a regular lesson book piece, but can get them through the tough technical passages in their music that could stump any pianist.

Two of my students will be traveling this Labor Day weekend and will already be using their travel flashcards in the car.  Two students will be taking on the challenge of memorizing a piece for next week for an extra 3 bonus beads on their practice chain. And one student has already completed a “Fall Book Bash” activity. Fall book bash activities take place when a student has completed a lesson book song and is ready to do something fun and crazy with that piece. They do this by randomly choosing a card from a a deck of cards each with a crazy musical instruction on how to play that song. What ever the card says the student has to do!

Fall Book Bash Punch Card

Fall Book Bash Punch Card

It’s been a great first week of lessons- everyone is hard at work and 3 students even received the highest lesson rating this week of 5+1 (thats 5 regular beads plus 1 bonus bead on their practice chains).  Boy, we are going to have really long practice chains this year!!

I have the best students ever and these key chains are really shaping up already to be a  wonderful learning aid for them all.

Creepy Enharmonics

Some of my students have really been enjoying this creepy Halloween game of skeletons where I show them a music flashcard and they pick a skull from the tree to place it on the corresponding piano key. The flashcards use only sharps, flats, double sharps, and double flats. When all the skulls are on the piano keys, the student must finally name each key using ONLY enharmonic names for each in order to become the Skull Master!

Halloween Flashcard Games

Sarah did a fantastic job on the Halloween Flashcards this week! She’s really been practicing a lot at home- good work Sarah!!