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Summer Lessons begin


Annaliese plays the harpsichord for the first time!


Anju begins lessons this summer and gets a jump start on the fall!


Delaney and Annaliese went to the movies. Piano buddys are the BEST!!

Baroque Teahouse- Photos


Tricia made all of our beautiful centerpieces. WOW!


The tables looked wonderful.


The food was fabulous- just ask April…..


…and Sarah!


Everyone enjoyed the harpsichord performances by my students and by our guest perfomer, Ellen Winner.


Colleen’s family told me how much they enjoyed the event.


Even the boys enjoyed themselves.


What a great setting for some (non-electronic) quality family-time!


April closed her finger in the car door–OUCH! But she still was excited to perform (with a right-hand-stand-in).


It was a wonderful event!

I want to thank all the parents who helped me so much in putting this event together!! We are already looking forward to next year.

Here’s a special shout-out to some special people who worked very hard behind-the-scenes. Without them, I don’t know how our event would run so seamlessly!

IMG_8484 IMG_8553 IMG_8548 IMG_8482 IMG_8487

Baroque Teahouse

My students are proud to present a wonderful event scheduled for this Saturday (photos will follow). They are all very excited to perform Baroque pieces on the harpsichord for everyone attending our annual afternoon high tea called the “Baroque Teahouse”.

Here is the program and information on the instrument:

Baroque Teahouse programBaroque Teahouse program-1

Baroque Teahouse program

Many Congratulations Colleen!!


Severna Park High School Junior, Colleen Saunders has recently been accepted into Interlochen’s High School Division Summer Arts Camp for piano. Interlochen Center for the Arts is located in northwest Michigan and is internationally recognized for working with some of the best musicians in the world.

Colleen will spend 6 weeks this summer studying piano performance with distinguished piano faculty from various universities across the US that include Peabody Conservatory, the Eastman School of Music, and the Universities of Michigan and Texas.

Colleen auditioned for her position at Interlochen earlier this year with two memorized pieces- Frederic Chopin’s “Revolutionary” Etude Op. 10 No. 12 and Edvard Grieg’s Lyric Piece “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” Op. 65 No. 6.

Colleen has been studying piano with me for the past 7 years and plays a very active role in the community by sharing her music with others. She was instrumental in bringing a music program to the St. Margaret’s Church Vacation Bible School program held at St. Phillip’s in Annapolis last summer. She taught several groups of children during the week and performed on piano and organ accompanying the 70+ children enrolled in their finale production. She was chosen as the keyboardist for the past two Severna Park High School Musical Theater productions “In the Heights” in 2013 and “Grease” in 2014. She currently practices music therapy at the Hospice of Chesapeake Critical Care Unit by performing for patients and she regularly accompanies the 4th & 5th grade chorus at Belvedere Elementary.

Next month Colleen will be performing various Baroque-era pieces on harpsichord at St. Margaret’s Church in Annapolis at the “Baroque Teahouse” on Saturday April 11. She is currently working on material for her Senior Piano Recital in 2016. Colleen plans to major in Music Therapy in college.


January Student of the Month

Congrats Colleen!

Congrats Colleen!

Congratulations to Colleen, January Student of the Month. Colleen has been working amazingly hard all year!

Recently, she was the accompanist for the 4th and 5th grade Chorus at Belvedere Elementary and she has been working tirelessly on her audition material for Interlochen’s International 6-week Summer Piano Program. I am so proud of her and the work and effort she puts into all of her performances.

Colleen is now ready to begin her pieces for the Baroque Teahouse at Reynold’s Tavern, the June Awards Recital, and her final solo Senior Recital next year! WOW!

Colleen is a Junior at Severna Park High School and is working on her 7th year in piano lessons with me. When Colleen isn’t playing piano she likes to…..no, Colleen is always playing piano!! 🙂

Colleen will have her photo on the wall of fame for the rest of the year and she will also receive a $10 Music & Arts gift card to spend on fun music or anything else she wants.

Want to be student of the Month? Here is what you have to do:

Have a lesson rating of 5 for each week of the month.
Have perfect attendance for the month.
Have an encouraging spirit toward other students.
Have a positive attitude in lessons and look ahead in your piano materials.

Recital Fun

IMG_7652 IMG_7655 IMG_7657 IMG_7660 IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7668 IMG_7640IMG_7687 IMG_7698 IMG_7702 IMG_7706IMG_0026 IMG_0027_2 IMG_0028 IMG_7616 IMG_7617 IMG_7622 IMG_7624 IMG_7625IMG_0025_2

Quintin plays the Harpsichord

My students are all preparing their pieces for our “Baroque Teahouse” scheduled for this summer at St. Margaret’s in the Parish Hall. One of my students, Quintin is ready to practice his pieces on the studio harpsichord. Here, he is playing it for the very first time! How exciting!!

Quintin plays the harpsichord for the first time!

Quintin plays the harpsichord for the first time!

Baroque Concert

The concert was a huge hit with parents and student alike- here is Allen is performing one of his three pieces on the harpsichord, while the audience enjoyed their afternoon high tea.

Allen performs at our Baroque Concert

Allen performs at our Baroque Concert

Afternoon Tea for my students and their families.

Afternoon Tea for my students and their families.

Baroque Concert Practice


Allison practices her pieces on the harpsichord for the Baroque Concert on Mar 10.

Annabelle practices 3 pieces for the Baroque Concert on Mar 10.

Annabelle practices 3 pieces on the harpsichord for the Baroque Concert on Mar 10.