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Award- Winning Students

IMG_7610Here at HiltonMusic Studio award- winning students are plentiful. Our 2014-2015 academic year comes to a close on Friday and my students have been busy all year. You see, its not just about taking piano lessons around here, its about receiving a music education, sharing the gifts and talents we’ve been given with others, setting goals and working toward achieving them, learning a good work ethic, and an understanding that working hard will produce fantastic results. These are life-lessons that will benefit my students in all areas of their life.

I am so proud that I have such wonderful, conscientious students, (and parents), and my adult students who understand the value of music education and what it means to share their gifts and talents in and around our community. My students set their goals in September and work continually to achieve those goals. This Friday night my students will be giving their final performance of the school year and will receive the awards they’ve been working on all year.

For your enjoyment, here are the “numbers”…

…of my 22 school-aged students,

18 earned Practice Ribbons (those who came in week after week ALL YEAR and rocked their assignments!): Isabelle, Quintin, Josie, Addison, Caroline, Annabelle, Molly, Cole, Claire, Colleen, Sarah, Delaney, Olivia, Aaron, April, Emily, Annaliese, Juliette

16 earned PIANOlympic Medal (and the number of technical challenges each student completed)– Quintin 16, Addison 24, Zoey 16, Caroline 24, Annabelle 30, Sarah 20, Molly 31, Claire 10, Emily 30, Abby 24, Delaney 31, Olivia 10, Joseph 32, Grace 19, April 30, Annaliese 36

15 earned Listening Awards (those who accumulated listening points for studying classical composers and listening to their pieces): Quintin, Addison, Zoey, Abby, Olivia, Molly, Grace, Emily, Annaliese, Joseph, April, Delaney, Claire, Caroline, Annabelle

11 became One Minute Club Members (those who can play 4 octaves of random flashcards in under 60 seconds; actual seconds are given after each name): Grace 53, Annaliese 48, Abby 48, Quintin 47, Addison 42, Sarah 39, Caroline 39, Molly 39, Delaney 29, Claire 27, Annabelle 24

9 were named Student of the Month Winners (those who went above and beyond the call of duty for their piano lessons): April- September, Delaney- October, Abby- November, Zoey- December, Colleen- January, Annabelle- February, Annaliese- March, Molly- April, Caroline- May

6 became Key Club Members (those who can play scales, triads, and intervals in 26 different keys)– April, Molly, Addison, Olivia, Grace, Quintin

 6 were Community Volunteers-(those who gave their time and talents on piano)

  • 3- For the Anne Arundel Music Teacher’s Association’s Music at the Movies event at Annapolis Mall: Delaney, Annabelle, Caroline
  • 4- For the patients of the Hospice of Chesapeake Critical Care Unit in Edgewater: Annabelle, Caroline, Colleen, Kitty
  • 2- for Elementary School Talent Shows and other concerts– Zoey, Caroline

4 worked as professional accompanists at various schools for chorus concerts, Anne Arundel County events, and other events: Colleen, Annabelle, Delaney, Caroline

4 shared their talent in Performing Arts with the community at large in theater and dance: Caroline, Emily, Abby, Olivia

 3 earned the highest award in my studio, the Distinguished Music Achievement Trophy (those who took 2 years to complete an enormous number of requirements for this trophy): Delaney, Caroline, Annabelle

3 earned the Music Teacher’s National Association 2-year Music Study Certificate (awarded every 2 years): April, Jospeh, Olivia, Grace

1 earned the Music Teacher’s National Association 4-year Music Study Certificate (awarded every 2 years): Addison

1 earned Music Teacher’s National Association 6-year Music Study Certificate (awarded every 2 years): Annabelle

1 earned the Mozart Award Trophy (for taking the school-year to complete a large number of musical requirements for this trophy)- Claire

1 earned the Sight Reading Trophy (for successfully sight reading the equivalent of 20 books): Addison

1 Was accepted into Interlochen (an internationally renowned Music School in Michigan for a 7- week intensive study in piano)- Colleen

Baroque Teahouse

My students are proud to present a wonderful event scheduled for this Saturday (photos will follow). They are all very excited to perform Baroque pieces on the harpsichord for everyone attending our annual afternoon high tea called the “Baroque Teahouse”.

Here is the program and information on the instrument:

Baroque Teahouse programBaroque Teahouse program-1

Baroque Teahouse program

Game Week! Last Day


Leave your books at home…It’s GAME WEEK!


Cole and I played the Pumpkin Patch Game.


Abby was very glad to be winning the Cat & Mouse Game


Emily and I played the Fly Swatter game.


Annaliese and I played Crazy Keys- she won!


Juliette and I played the Ice Cream Cone Game.


Game Week! Day Two


Leave your books at home….it’s GAME WEEK!



Sarah and I played a Key Signature and Scale Degree game.


Caroline and I played Rhythm Pizza


Annabelle and I played the Scale Shaker Game. (She beat me!)


Christmas Concert


I am beaming with pride today. My students are awesome and they ALL played beautifully last night at our Christmas Concert. All I can say is WOW!!

-Click here for a copy of our program-


As usual, we had an enormous crowd. I received numerous compliments on the program. Congrats to my students for working toward a goal and achieving that goal by seeing it through to completion….beautifully!


Awards Recital Program 2014

Awards Recital Prog 2014

Awards Recital Prog 2014-1


I just don’t know how to express just how PROUD I am of all of my students. They have all worked so hard this year, not only on their pieces, but on all of the requirements of their awards. Many of my students are now able to share their piano talents with others out and about in the community. Three are even playing out as professional accompanists for both Belvedere and Folger McKinsey Elementary School Chorus concerts.

Yesterday we had our end of the school year Awards Recital and it was fabulous. Everyone had a great time hearing all the pieces. Many of the parents commented to me about how nice it was to learn about the composer Claude Debussy and hear 3 of his pieces come to life at our own recital. Colleen gave us all an amazing finale with her performance of the Pathetique Sonata- what a great musical way to end the day.

I can’t wait to see what pieces next year’s recital program will hold!

*correction- Little Shepherd is # 5 of Debussy’s Children Corner Suite

A Lesson Book Duet Surprise

Joseph began a new lesson book last week and surprised me by offering to play the teacher part in the first duet. I offered him 3 bonus beads if he worked on it during the week at home and actually play it this week. Yesterday, he came to his lesson and played the entire part beautifully with the pedal AND the metronome! Great job Joseph!! You can play the teacher parts anytime you like!


Joseph plays the “teacher part” of the first duet in his new book!

Congratulations Delaney!


Delaney accompanied the Chesapeake Middle School Chorus in “One Little Candle” at the Holiday Concert on Wed Dec 18. She played beautifully. Delaney is the youngest student I’ve ever had accompany a chorus (she is in 6th grade this year). Delaney has been asked to accompany the chorus again at Festival in March!

Christmas Concert

We performed at St. Margaret's Church in Annapolis.

We held our recital at St. Margaret’s Church in Annapolis. Everyone performed beautifully!


Our finale was “Sleigh Ride” with sticks and jingle bells.


Bell Group


Stick group


Final bows


Colleen and I performed March of the Toys, Toyland, and Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.


Will dazzled everyone with a very jazzy Jingle Bells!


Bell Choir- Played Once in David’s Royal City


Delaney performed One Little Candle. She will play this on Dec 18 for the Chespeake Middle School Chorus.


Megan played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. It was beautiful!


The Recorder Consort played Christmas Lullaby and Good King Wenceslas in 3-part harmony.


Annabelle performed Do You Hear What I Hear and Dormi, Dormi- her first choral accompaniment piece.


Molly played “There is no Christmas like a home Christmas”. She was amazing!


Sarah played Good Christian Men, Rejoice and O Come All Ye Faithful.


Claire played “The Night Before Christmas”. She looks beautiful at the piano and sets a wonderful example!


Caroline rocked the house with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”


Gracie performed Hark the Herald Angels Sing. She looked beautiful at the piano and set a wonderful example!


Our other Bell Choir performed “O Christmas Tree”.


Joseph played “The Twelve Days of Christmas”


Olivia and I played O Come Little Children.


Quintin and I played “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”


April and I played “Jingle Bells”. This was her first big recital!


Gracie played “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. This was her first big recital!


Addison opened our recital with “Silent Night”


Caroline played “The Twelve Days of Christmas”


Recorder Consort- They all deserve their black belt in recorder!



Pizza Party Rehearsal

Colleen was our official page-turner today.

Colleen was our official page-turner today.

Molly played her Christmas recital piece for everyone at the party.

Molly played her Christmas recital piece for everyone at the party.

We rehearsed Sleigh Ride with piano, sticks, and jingle bells!

We rehearsed Sleigh Ride with piano, sticks, and jingle bells!

April, Delaney, Quintin, and Claire were our stick people today.

Our recorder consort was wonderful.

Everyone played their parts beautifully.

Everyone played their parts beautifully.

Bell Choir sounds great!

Bell Choir sounds great!

Molly and Joseph enjoyed their pizza and wings.

Molly and Joseph enjoyed their pizza and wings.

Everyone had a great time watching Charlie Brown.

Everyone had a great time watching Charlie Brown.

The pizza was yummy!

The pizza was yummy!

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

October Adult Rep Class

Every October and April I hold an Adult Rep Class for my adult students. This provides a “safe” venue for them to perform for each other, without being unnerved by a very large audience in a formal recital format. This week, we all had a great time at the October Rep Class hosted by Evelyn.

Everyone contributed to the table for a selection of great food!

Everyone contributed to the table for a selection of great food!

We began with cocktails and enjoyed some light conversation. Everyone contributed to the food table and we had a nice little spread to nibble on while we play.

I try to have a game or two in order to have some fun and educate at the same time. Last October we played name-that-creepy-classical-tune. Our October rep class is this week I had a fun game planned…

Name the CREEPY musical dynamic or instruction. 

We had a great time playing games and everyone took home a Halloween treat!

We had a great time playing games and everyone took home a Halloween treat!

In this game, I read a definition and the students guessed the correct matching musical term. The winner with the most correct matches received a small fun Halloween-themed prize. (Will and Megan tied for first place!)

We also played another “name that tune” but this time, I played a piece of creepy music and given a multiple choice format, the students circled the correct TV show or movie associated with the music from the choices on their game sheet.

After our games, each student performed for each other a very special Halloween-themed piece they have been working on in lessons. I also joined the fun in this class by performing a duet with Evelyn.

Overall, the Adult Rep Classes are a fun way to gather socially and share our love of music! (Music, Food, Friends….its the recipe for any successful party).

Cindy played "Spooks"
Cindy played “Spooks”
Megan played "The Bronze Bear"
Megan played “The Bronze Bear”
Will played "Masquerade"
Will played “Masquerade”
Evelyn and I played a Mozart Sonata for 1P4H

Evelyn and I played a Mozart Sonata for 1P4H

Adult Rep Class- May 2013


Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are first on our menu!


Name-that-Rogers & Hammerstein-Musical is next.


The winners received a “Bach’s” Wine!


Duet-a-thons are a blast!


Especially when you don’t know if you are Primo or Secundo.


…and you don’t know who your partner will be!


One thing we can count on are some fantastic performances at the end of our evening!


October Adult Rep Class- So Much Fun!

Cindy was a wonderful hostess at our first Adult Rep Class of the year! (and she makes a fantastic crab dip!)

We all had a wonderful time- we played “Name that Timbre” and Name that (creepy) Tune. Cindy was the lucky winner of a Box Wine….

Megan is our newest member-  she played Beautifully!!!

Will and Evelyn sampled Cindy’s Hot Toddy- yummm!

Will and I performed a CREEPY Halloween duet (brilliantly, of course!)

Evelyn tells the group about her piece before she played. Thanks Evelyn!