Lesson Q & A

pexels-photo-210764.jpegWhat should I do to enroll?

Interested students and their parents should contact me to meet and talk over lessons and studio operations in more detail before beginning lessons.


How long will it take before I can play?

It takes about 12 months to really get started in piano. It is the only activity they may encounter that will require practice at home in-between lessons.

How old should students be when they begin?

Young students should be able to read and write before beginning piano with me.  Fine motor skills and other issues are also taken into consideration when beginning piano.

Students are encouraged to enroll in 1st or 2nd grade. Students who begin later than this may find themselves behind their peers later on. I do not recommend waiting beyond 3rd grade.

Do you accept transfer students in Middle school or High school that have piano experience?

Middle school and high school transfer students who find themselves at a stand still in their performance or piano skills are encouraged to enroll in my studio. They should have previous piano experience before enrolling.

Do you take adult beginners?

Yes! Adults of ALL levels of ability are encouraged to enroll! Plan on scheduling weekly lessons for 12 months to determine if this is the right instrument for you.