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Piano friends!
Piano friends!

These describe the musical goals of my students. Which best describes yours?

1. Just the first year basics: These students advance at their OWN pace but are expected to arrive at each lesson with a prepared assignment. Practice chains are a fun motivator for these students. During this first year of foundational music study, students enjoy the process of learning the piano with games and other motivational techniques used in the studio. Parties and recitals are a fun part of sharing music and making new piano friends! These students have a well-rounded comprehension of musical basics and the piano specifically; the best possible foundation for all their future musical studies!

2. Second year studying music for enjoyment:  Bringing music to your family, friends, and even your own children is a wonderful motivation for learning to play piano. These students enjoy the process of playing all kinds of music- and not just on the piano, either. Students learning to play the piano for enjoyment will want to learn to be good sight readers and counters- this begins with prepared assignments each week and constant progress in their playing.  Lessons are rated to ensure good practice habits and practice chains are a fun motivation tool. These students take part in studio parties and recitals on piano, but they also participate in their favorite musical ensemble at the annual Christmas concert. These include percussion and boomwhacker ensembles, recorder consort, and even a holiday bell choir! They are encouraged to practice at home and prepare polished performances. My adult students also enjoy performing at public events and during the semi-annual “Adult Rep Classes” designed just for them. Learning to play Happy Birthday, creepy music at Halloween, or standard Christmas tunes is a must for all of my students who desire to play for enjoyment!

3. Getting serious now; practice is not optional:  At HiltonMusic Studio, these students are encouraged to do their best to advance their skill. Each lesson is rated so both students and parents can consistently assess progress and practice habits.  Parents who desire a serious course of study for their child will encourage their child to practice daily to advance those skills. This results in steady, continual progress in which these students learn to perform classical piano music with musicality and artistry.

Early music and Baroque pieces are performed by my classical piano students on the studio harpsichord, which is brought to Reynold’s Tavern in Annapolis each spring for a very special and unique public performance. Students can also volunteer their piano skills at local nursing homes or other critical care facilities once a year. These students have participated and won places in both Anne Arundel and Maryland state piano competitions. Those more serious students who acquire the skills will accompany various school chorus concerts or perform in the pit orchestra for their school theater events. Many will go on to study music in college, but all of them will certainly play for the rest of their lives.

4. Already play an instrument but want to learn about music theory? Does your high schooler need tutoring in AP Music Theory ?: These students study a variety of band or orchestral instruments- including piano or guitar. They play their instruments well, but desire a more in-depth study of music theory that their current instrumental lessons do not offer. In this course of study my students follow a curriculum of collegiate-level of music theory – beginning with the basics and finishing up with part-writing and compositional techniques. They also learn the basics of lead-sheets, fake books, and chord progressions. Some high school students who are preparing for AP music theory exams desire extra instructional help to successfully pass the exam. What ever the reason, this course of study will help each student into the next level of their professional musical careers.

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