Student of the Month

I have been behind (again) in posting my picks for “Student of the Month”. Here they are for January 2017 and February 2017. These students really went above and beyond their usual lesson material and worked toward practicing extra pieces that were not assigned. Both of these students are progressing at the speed of light! I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for them at the June Recital!!

Congratulations to you both- I am very proud to have you as my students and I am really impressed with your hard work and passion for piano!

Josie- January 2017
Aaron- February 2017

Baroque Teahouse Practice

Noah plays the harpsichord for the first time!
April is an expert at the harpsichord- this will be her 3rd year performing at the Teahouse.

One Minute Club 2017


Participating students have to play 4 octaves of piano notes given randomly in under 60 seconds, 3 times consecutively.  Yes, you are reading it right….Molly did it in only 30 seconds!

Each member of the One Minute Club receives a $3.00 Gift card to Menchies, a One Minute Club Membership Card (courtesy of Susan and a special treat at the Awards Recital!