Student of the Month

I have been behind in posting my picks for “Student of the Month”. Here they are for September 2016, October 2016, November 2016 and December 2016. These students really went above and beyond their usual lesson material and worked toward performing extra pieces at the Christmas Recital and pieces that were particularly challenging.

Congratulations to you all- I am very proud to have you as my students and I am really impressed with your hard work and passion for piano!


Molly -October 2016


April- December 2016


Delaney- September 2016


Will – November 2016

1 thought on “Student of the Month

  1. Greg

    Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work. Wishing you a wonderful New Year of continued learning and growing in your skills. This is something that you can take with you for all your entire lifetime and pass on to others.

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