Baroque Teahouse- Photos


Tricia made all of our beautiful centerpieces. WOW!


The tables looked wonderful.


The food was fabulous- just ask April…..


…and Sarah!


Everyone enjoyed the harpsichord performances by my students and by our guest perfomer, Ellen Winner.


Colleen’s family told me how much they enjoyed the event.


Even the boys enjoyed themselves.


What a great setting for some (non-electronic) quality family-time!


April closed her finger in the car door–OUCH! But she still was excited to perform (with a right-hand-stand-in).


It was a wonderful event!

I want to thank all the parents who helped me so much in putting this event together!! We are already looking forward to next year.

Here’s a special shout-out to some special people who worked very hard behind-the-scenes. Without them, I don’t know how our event would run so seamlessly!

IMG_8484 IMG_8553 IMG_8548 IMG_8482 IMG_8487

1 thought on “Baroque Teahouse- Photos

  1. Greg

    It is moments like these, you will remember someday looking back. And they will be something that you will be able to build upon in your future. Wonderful work, and I am so pleased that you are able to partake and enjoy in these thing at this point in your lives. Keep up the wonderful work you are all doing. And be sure to thank those who work to bring these opportunities to you.

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