One Minute Club 2015

This year’s One Minute Club is shaping up like no other. Never before have my students run through all the flashcards so quickly!! Here are the Members of the 2015 One Minute Club and their unbelievable scores:

Claire 27

Delaney 29

Caroline 39

Molly 39

Addison 42

Quintin 47

Sarah 50

Grace 60

And yes, those scores are in SECONDS!

Members of the One Minute Club receive a special treat (for members only) at the June recital. When they complete their third consecutive time at the flashcards in under 60 seconds, they receive the special package shown below.


2015 One Minute Club Treats

One Minute Club previous blog links below:




Membership Cards:

One Minute Club Cards courtesy of Susan Paradis

1 thought on “One Minute Club 2015

  1. Greg

    WOW ! Seconds, you all did this in. That is amazing and truly something. Keep up the great work. You may be Masters on day and teachers. Congratulations !

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