Game Week! Day Three


Leave your books at home….it’s GAME WEEK!


April and I played Leaping Ladybugs. She beat me by a longshot!


Olivia and I played Whole Step/Half Step Sprint.


Delaney and I played the Scale Shaker Game. (Juggling 3 scales at once isn’t so easy!)


Unbelievable…..Joseph and I played Crazy Keys and we TIED!! That NEVER happens!!

2 thoughts on “Game Week! Day Three

  1. Stacey

    A fellow piano teacher from South Africa here. Please can you tell me where you get these games from? Some of them I recognise from Colorinmykeys and Susan Paradis. But the others such as Leaping Ladybugs I have never seen before. Is there some cool website I have missed?

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