Circle of 5ths Game

In my Circle of 5ths game, the players roll the die to see what key they get to place on the circle. Play begins by rolling the die to determine the interval above C for the first key. Subsequent rolls determine the key based on the interval from the previous key. For example: if the player’s last key was E, and they roll a 3, their next key is a G; a third up from G. The player can choose if the letter has more than one key (G or G-flat) But once the player has all the keys of that letter, they forfeit their turn if they roll into that letter again. The first player to complete the Circle of 5ths wins!


Grace won by a landslide! I still needed the keys of A-flat, C-flat, A, and C#


What do you think? Pepperoni pizza or chocolate chip cookie?

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