5-finger scale Game

Here’s how you play: Each player rolls the die to determine the scale they have to create. If both players roll the same number, the 2nd player must create either the flat or sharp of that scale. When play begins each player rolls the die. Numbers between 1-5 represent the interval above the tonic of your scale. For example: if the player rolls an initial 6, they must create the A major scale. On each subsequent roll, numbers between 1 and 5 represent the interval above the tonic of their scale. (Sixes don’t count in a 5-finger scale, so the player rolls again.) If the player rolls an interval they already have, they forfeit their turn. The first player to complete their scale wins.


Who will be the first to complete their 5-finger scale??


While Molly is still recovering, we played our scale game. She got lucky with C major. Not me…I got stuck with C# major!

2 thoughts on “5-finger scale Game

  1. Greg

    If this is not on the market, you should put the instructions together, put parts together for X number of players and have it marketed to music schools, home schools, and other places. This is really a great idea.

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