Thank you Colleen!

This week Colleen was co-teacher with me at the St. Margaret’s Vacation Bible School where around 100 children participated in music class along with their other activities. The theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. The children sang 2 large choral pieces and 2 service pieces for the Children’s Mass on Friday. Colleen not only acted as pianists, but she was also organist and teacher for the week and worked with several children’s groups to teach them the lyrics of their songs. She did a fantastic job and anyone who has ever participated in Vacation Bible School know just how much ENERGY and work there is to teaching this many children for 5 days! I could not have done this without her- thank you Colleen!

Colleen is a Junior at Severna Park High School and is a member of the National Association of Music Educator’s Tri-M Honors Music Society.


Colleen and I taught around 100 children this week!


Colleen waits for her cue to begin playing during the Children’s Mass on Friday.


Group 3 were acting as angels during everyone’s favorite song “My Father’s Angels”.


Colleen teaches several groups of children and assists them in learning lyrics.


Colleen put in around 5 hours of organ practice and 10 hours of piano practice this week just rehearsing all the pieces!

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