Game Week- Day 4


Molly and I played Interval Garden. Each player rolls the die to move around the piano-keyboard and players who land on a black key get to complete an Interval Garden game card. Players who correctly answer the questions on their card about intervals takes a flower. The game ends when we run out of cards. The player with the most flowers wins..


Grace and I played the “Intervals under the Stars” game where the player identifies an interval in notation by quickly assessing the size and then places the card in its appropriate size area under the star. She was a champ by the end of this game!


Delaney and I played an easy game of Major/Minor. In this game the player has to quickly identify the triads and/or 5-finger scales as being major or minor by sight only. That means Delaney had to use her knowledge of major key signatures to determine if the notes followed the major key (being major), or not (then it was minor). She got them ALL correct in no time!

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