Game Week- Day 2


Claire and I played the Key Game. She chooses a key out of the bag (each key has a Major or Minor “key” written on it). Then she uses the eraser characters to spell the scale on the roll-up keyboard. Before she chooses a new key, she has to tell me the Tonic, Dominant and Leading Tone.


Olivia and I played Leaping Ladybugs. In this game, the players roll the die. The player who lands on a ladybug gets to pick a card. The card instructs the player to move the red stone on the piano keys up or down by half or whole steps. If the players identify the correct ending pitch, they earn a flower. The game ends when we run out of Ladybug Cards. The player with the most flowers wins. (Olivia had an entire garden, while I had only 3 flowers!)


Joseph played FlashCard Derby on the iPad today in his lesson. In this game, the player must identify the letter names of the notes as jockeys ride by on their race horses. Joseph earned a perfect score!


Colleen and I played my Scale Shaker Game. This game works like Yahtzee in that the players shake the music note dice to spell scales, triads and intervals. Each player begins by choosing 3 cards to determine their keys. The player who completes their Scale Chart first wins.

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