Game Week- Day 1


Quintin and I played lots of games at his lesson. Here we are playing Funny Farm. In this game each player picks a farm animal and has to correctly answer music review questions about notation, symbols, interval, etc. correctly in order to advance to the finish.


Addison and I had fun paling a variety of games at his lesson. Here we are playing Crazy Enharmonic Bingo.


In Crazy Enharmonic Bingo, players complete a cover-all. Addison and I played 2 cards each. As the players take turns picking a note card from the pile, they cover that piano key on their cards. Did I mention that ALL the letters on the cards are only shown in an enharmonic?? FUN!


Sarah is so much fun to play games with! Its always a challenge trying to beat her. In our game of Crazy Keys, each player begins on Middle C, then picks a card that directs them to move up or down the keyboard in intervals, on accidentals, or in whole/half steps. Some cards are wild, make a player loose a turn or my favorite…”switch places with another player”! Fortunately for me, at the very last second, I won this game.


After Gracie did her Level 6 One Minute Club cards in just 57 seconds, we played her all-time favorite; The Cat and Mouse game. In this game each player has to steal their opponents snacks by picking a card and seeing what snacks are on that piano key. (Cards include sharps, flats, double sharps, double flats and naturals). I got creamed in this game! I stole 4 of her pieces of cheese, but she got 7 of my fishes!


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