It’s Game Week!

IMG_7442All year long my students look forward to “Game Week”. This has become an enormously popular event in my studio and one that never ceases to deliver and its finally here!

It’s game week (Feb 17-21) and that means this is the week my student’s leave their books and music at home and come to lessons ready to play some really fun games! This week my students will play games during their entire lesson. For each student, I identify core concepts that the student may need help with or some fun hands-on practice and play a game to reinforce the concepts and often clear up simple confusions that can hinder progress like counting dotted eight notes or memorizing key signatures. Games range from simply identifying the letters of the music alphabet on the piano keys to racing to see who can gather more accidentals from all the major and minor key signatures.

IMG_7445What’s in my cupboard? A WHOLE LOTTA GAMES! But these aren’t the only games we’ll play- my students will also play piano keyboard games and of course ipad games! Ok, guys, get ready for a really fun week of piano lessons!


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