Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy!

Flashcard Frenzy- How many flashcards challenges can you do?

Flashcard Frenzy is another fun way my students drill their flashcards as they practice for January’s One Minute Club Initiations. This is also really fun flashcard play for my 1st year students. Students choose 1 card each from 2 piles titled “At the Piano” and “Away from the piano”. Each card will direct the student to drill their flashcards ways that are fun and far more interesting than simply sitting down with a hand full of cards.

Here are a few examples:

At the Piano

-at the piano, set up 1 treble clef card and 1 bass clef card– then play both together at the same time!

-at the piano, play all the ABC flashcards, then all the DEF flashcards, and finally all the F and G flashcards.

Away from the Piano

-away from the piano, use a table top keyboard and take a stone away from each key for each flashcard you pick from the pile.

-away from the piano, set the metronome to ___ and play “Flashcard Bowling”!

Free Printable Cards: Flash Card Frenzy Cards

……more on Flashcard Bowling next time…..

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