September Student of the Month

Congratulations Colleen!

Congratulations Colleen!

Congratulations to Colleen- September Student of the Month!

Colleen has been working and practicing so hard all month- she has earned a rating of 5 for each lesson. She always has a positive attitude and is excited to learn new pieces. She is such an inspiration to my younger students who want to play like her.

This year Colleen has made her goal to work toward auditions and accompanying jobs. It didn’t take long before she accomplished that goal because she has already auditioned and won a place in the Broadway pit as pianist for the Severna Park High School Broadway musical “In the Heights”.  In-The-Heights-Playbill-03-08

Belvedere Elementary Chorus Concert

Belvedere Elementary Chorus Concert

Colleen is already hard at work on her SPHS Marching Band music and soon she will be working on the music for the Belvedere Holiday Chorus Concert. Oh, the life of a working musician!!

Colleen will have her photo on the studio wall of fame and receive a $10 gift card to Music & Arts to spend on something fun!

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