Piano Explorer’s Crossword

Addison completes his crossword for 3 bonus beads!

Addison completes his crossword for 3 bonus beads!

This year my students are all receiving a monthly subscription to Piano Explorer Magazine. Students who complete the crossword or play the featured compositions earn 3 bonus beads on their practice chains. Addison was the first student to complete the crossword for his bonus beads this week. Great job, Addison!

September Piano Explorer

September Piano Explorer

Each Piano Explorer edition features:

Composer biographies, music history, instruments, theory, practice tips, composing ideas, beginners corner, music corner featuring student compositions. It also includes colorful pictures, timeslines, and maps to capture students’ attention. At the end of each magazine is a quiz to test students’ comprehension of the material. Games, puzzles, riddles, and student contributions round out the magazine and keep things fun.

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