Remember- Practice sessions are the same length as their lesson.

Theory Workbook assignment should be done first, Lesson assignment as written next, and the rest of practice time on a Fun Book!

Here is a parent guide for what type of FUN book of music to buy- 

(Lesson Book 4 and Classical students)-

PVG or Piano Vocal in the upper right corner of the book cover is for intermediate to advanced players

(Lesson Book 1B, 2A, 2B, 3)-

Easy Piano is for Beginning/Early Intermediate players

(Lesson Book 1A)-

Big Note is for Beginning players

*Don’t buy anything with letter names written inside the music notes (EZ Play)- this won’t help them advance as musicians.
*Be aware that some Rock music on the piano can sound like elevator music even when the best of musicians play it. 
*Sometimes pop music has such complex rhythms, it has to be just sounded out. Beginning and Intermediate students aren’t able to negotiate the 32nd and 64th notes and syncopated rhythms in this type of music. Choose carefully! 
*Music with inappropriate lyrics (language, inappropriate sexual content) won’t be entertained in the studio.

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