One Minute Club

2012 One Minute Club Members

2012 One Minute Club Members

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the 2013 One Minute Club! Several of my students are already practicing their flashcards and becoming faster and faster at them in order to pass all 6 levels. Each level must be played on the piano in under 1 minute to move forward to the next level. But it’s not just one level at a time….no way! That would be too easy…

Level 1- C’s

Level 2- C’s and F’s

Level 3- C’s, F’s, D’s

Level 4- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s

Level 5- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s

Level 6- C’s, F’s, D’s, G’s, B’s, E’s, A’s

To become a member of the One Minute Club, each student has to play Level 6 on the piano 3 times in succession in under 60 seconds. Once they do, they receive the following:

  • One Minute Club Membership Card
  • $3.00 Gift Card to Menchies
  • A special treat at the Double Scoop Recital
  • A special treat at the Award’s Recital

Our reigning champion is Vangi with 42 seconds …….will someone beat the record this year?


Teacher links:

Membership Card 

One Minute Club Practice

One Minute initiations 

OneMinuteClub Members

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