Don’t forget….


Annabelle waits for her turn to perform at the Maryland State Competition-2012

Students face so many split-second decisions when practicing their music. Should I play loud or soft? Staccato or legato? Heavy or delicately? Do I lift here or swing to end the phrase? Here is a two-note slur….oops, I forgot to count there!

Even more so for those preparing for adjudicated performance or competition. They have other things to worry about such as stage presence, overall rise and fall of the melodic line, hand positioning, overall musicality…….gosh, the list just goes on.

To help my students who are preparing for these types of events, we use cards in Rep Class for guidance. This reminds them of the many things they need to keep in mind when performing for a judge or for an audience.

Here are some tools we use in the studio to prepare for performance and competition.

Performance Practice

Practice cards

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget….

  1. carol ekblad

    Hi Suzanne,

    I love the practice cards you’ve made. Am curious – do you use these in individual lessons, too? If so, could you expound on that? I see you wrote you use them for rep. classes for guidance.

    Thanks! Very creative and colorful!


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