Thank you Colleen!

This week Colleen was co-teacher with me at the St. Margaret’s Vacation Bible School where around 100 children participated in music class along with their other activities. The theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. The children sang 2 large choral pieces and 2 service pieces for the Children’s Mass on Friday. Colleen not only acted as pianists, but she was also organist and teacher for the week and worked with several children’s groups to teach them the lyrics of their songs. She did a fantastic job and anyone who has ever participated in Vacation Bible School know just how much ENERGY and work there is to teaching this many children for 5 days! I could not have done this without her- thank you Colleen!

Colleen is a Junior at Severna Park High School and is a member of the National Association of Music Educator’s Tri-M Honors Music Society.


Colleen and I taught around 100 children this week!


Colleen waits for her cue to begin playing during the Children’s Mass on Friday.


Group 3 were acting as angels during everyone’s favorite song “My Father’s Angels”.


Colleen teaches several groups of children and assists them in learning lyrics.


Colleen put in around 5 hours of organ practice and 10 hours of piano practice this week just rehearsing all the pieces!


My favorite summertime piano key toppers!


Some cool shades, a few tasty popsicles, and some totally awesome flip flops!


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t explain the enharmonics of B major and C-flat major?? I know! me, too!


A very yummy D major scale!…what’s that thing on E?


A bright and sunny G major scale!


A very happy E major five finger scale!

Studio Summer Game



One of these clothespins contains the grand prize of a week of NO HOMEWORK!!


Annaliese’s Challenge!


Annaliese plays her challenge

Recital Fun

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Awards Recital Prog 2014

Awards Recital Prog 2014-1


I just don’t know how to express just how PROUD I am of all of my students. They have all worked so hard this year, not only on their pieces, but on all of the requirements of their awards. Many of my students are now able to share their piano talents with others out and about in the community. Three are even playing out as professional accompanists for both Belvedere and Folger McKinsey Elementary School Chorus concerts.

Yesterday we had our end of the school year Awards Recital and it was fabulous. Everyone had a great time hearing all the pieces. Many of the parents commented to me about how nice it was to learn about the composer Claude Debussy and hear 3 of his pieces come to life at our own recital. Colleen gave us all an amazing finale with her performance of the Pathetique Sonata- what a great musical way to end the day.

I can’t wait to see what pieces next year’s recital program will hold!

*correction- Little Shepherd is # 5 of Debussy’s Children Corner Suite

This weekend four of my students were given a mini-lesson on the pipe organ by James Fitzpatrick, the music director and organist of St. Margaret’s church in Annapolis. Each of my students were instructed on the manuals, stops, presets, and foot pedals of the organ and then each student had the very unique opportunity to play the organ themselves using their own choice of manuals and stops!

Music Director, James Fitzpatrick give an organ lesson to my students.

Music Director, James Fitzpatrick gives an organ lesson to my students.

Annabelle play the organ for the first time!

Annabelle plays the organ for the first time!

Colleen is coached on using the stops and presets by Mr. Fitzpatrick.

Colleen gets her own coaching session on using the stops and presets by Mr. Fitzpatrick.

Colleen plays the organ for the first time!

Colleen plays the organ for the first time!

Delaney play the organ for the first time!

Delaney play the organ for the first time!


Claire plays the organ for the first time!

This week Annabelle played her first professional gig for the Belvedere Elementary School Spring Chorus Concert. She has been working on the pieces all semester and performed beautifully for the concerts! Annabelle had studied piano with me for 5 years and is a 6th grader at Severna Park Middle She is so far, the youngest student I’ve ever had professionally accompany a chorus!

She played:

  • Gloria Allelua
  • All Through the Night
  • Duct Tape
  • Rattlin’ Bog

Great Job Annabelle! Congratulations!

Annabelle rehearses for the Chorus teacher.

Annabelle rehearses with the Chorus teacher.


Annabelle plays for the 2:00pm school assembly.

Annabelle plays for the 2:00pm school assembly.

Here, she plays for the evening performance for the parents.

Here, she plays for the evening performance for the parents and families of the 4th & 5th grade chorus.




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