4 Days to go!


Our annual Halloween Party is only 4 days away…


…what spookiness do I have in store for my students??

Creepy Halloween Games


Sarah was this year’s first ” 2014 Skull Master” First she places the skulls on the correct piano key, then has to put them back on the tree–only naming them as enharmonics!


Delaney had to pick a key, based only on the number of sharps and flats. Then she made the key signature in both clefs with some creepy halloween characters. Finally, she had to pick a card with a scale degree, and name that scale degree of the key she was in.


The Halloween Key Signature and Scale Degree Game.


Grace completes her game and becomes a “2014 Skull Master”!


The October Pumpkin Patch Game.


Claire had to first pick a creepy card and place a pumpkin on the correct piano key. When she was done with the first half of the game, I called out the names of each note. She transferred that note from the pumpkin patch on the keyboard to its correct place on the music staff.


Part one of the “Skull Master” game!


Molly is a “2014 Skull Master” !


Grace is a “2014 Skull Master” !


We’re not done yet…there are more creepy halloween games to go!


Scary sharps, flats, and naturals.


The “Tree of Skulls”.


Creepy Rhythms!


Yummy Candy Corn Game!


Spooky Intervals


The musical pumpkin patch.


Congratulations, April!

Congratulations to April, September Student of the Month. April has been a super piano student and during September she did something amazing–in one lesson she received a 5 practice beads for a fabulous job + 1 bead for really hitting it out of the park, and +3 for memorization! Thats a grand total of 5+4 all in one lesson– WOW! Bonus beads seem to be a regular addition to April’s lessons and because of her dedication to piano and hard work, she has been picked as Student of the Month!

April is in 3rd grade this year and is working on her 2nd year in piano lessons. When April isn’t playing piano, she likes to dance and express herself through art.

April will have her photo on the wall of fame for the rest of the year and she will also receive a $10 Music & Arts gift card to spend on fun music or anything else she wants.

Great Job, April! You’ve worked hard and deserve this honor!


Want to be student of the Month? Here is what you have to do:

Have a lesson rating of 5 for each week of the month.
Have perfect attendance for the month.
Have an encouraging spirit toward other students.
Have a positive attitude in lessons.

September Apple Picking


Emily and I had fun playing this game.


Emily picked an apple from the bag, then placed the apple on the corresponding letter on the keyboard. Then she chose an accidental card to move the apple to a sharp, flat, or leave it natural!

Circle of 5ths Game

In my Circle of 5ths game, the players roll the die to see what key they get to place on the circle. Play begins by rolling the die to determine the interval above C for the first key. Subsequent rolls determine the key based on the interval from the previous key. For example: if the player’s last key was E, and they roll a 3, their next key is a G; a third up from G. The player can choose if the letter has more than one key (G or G-flat) But once the player has all the keys of that letter, they forfeit their turn if they roll into that letter again. The first player to complete the Circle of 5ths wins!


Grace won by a landslide! I still needed the keys of A-flat, C-flat, A, and C#


What do you think? Pepperoni pizza or chocolate chip cookie?

Finger Twister


Josie and I played Finger Twister today!


We had a great time getting all twisted up.


Great Job, Josie!!

You can download this game from Joy at Color in My Piano Blog:

5-finger scale Game

Here’s how you play: Each player rolls the die to determine the scale they have to create. If both players roll the same number, the 2nd player must create either the flat or sharp of that scale. When play begins each player rolls the die. Numbers between 1-5 represent the interval above the tonic of your scale. For example: if the player rolls an initial 6, they must create the A major scale. On each subsequent roll, numbers between 1 and 5 represent the interval above the tonic of their scale. (Sixes don’t count in a 5-finger scale, so the player rolls again.) If the player rolls an interval they already have, they forfeit their turn. The first player to complete their scale wins.


Who will be the first to complete their 5-finger scale??


While Molly is still recovering, we played our scale game. She got lucky with C major. Not me…I got stuck with C# major!


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